A Spooky Doodle Ebook

A Spooky Doodle Ebook – 23 pages of spooky printables



“A Spooky Doodle Ebook’s” objective is to ignite your child’s creative potential. Developing creativity requires practice and encouragement.  Doodle pages, drawing lessons and writing prompts inspire kids to invent their own stories, characters and artwork.  These open ended projects teach children to think outside the box and exercise their problem solving skills.

Zombie_rabbit_p02Zombie_dio_scientist_P02 vamp_decorate_p03 Pumpkin_p03 frankenstein_p03 bacon-vampire_p01

How to use this book.
print it from your printer.  You can print this ebook in its entirety
or select individual pages from the pdf to print and color.