Sias Studios free weekly emails are designed to promote creative thinking and foster children’s imaginations.  Our original art projects encourage kids to invent their own stories and make art without boundaries. We provide a springboard for you child to dive into artistic discovery!

Sias Studios email projects

Doodle pages: Coloring within the lines is good, but does not allow for creative ideas. Sias Studio gives you Doodle pages, which are half finished drawings, where you child can complete the drawing any way they want. Unfinished pictures foster kids powers of imagination.
Drawing pages show kids how to draw characters from simple shapes to finished drawings. This gives kids a way to develop their  visualization skills with funny characters.
Writing prompt is a question or statement that gives the user a starting point to write from.  They may just come up with rough ideas or you may end up with a complete story. The point is to get them thinking of ideas  and to start writing without being held back by any inhibitions or doubts.
Our silly and fun material engages children to create a positive art experience.  Suggested for ages four to eleven – or anyone who is a kid at heart! Just print and color!

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